I’m Trading A Chart!!


As they say: “Do not hold the stock through the announcement!”  This is the last hour of the day after the announcement the stock gap since the estimates where so low and we are in a Bull market. So you had some profit taking in the morning and the stock pretty much consolidated through the rest of the session.

Took $AMZN APR24 445P in @ .55; as a lotto play and it was working nicely, but around the 3:15PM area it started to rise and I need to add to the position or sell it for a loss.  I looked at the chart again and decided to add to the position.

Averaged in

$AMZN APR24 445P in @ .15 lotto … Out of all @ .30 averaged all the way up

3:45PM allowed for a sell-off and was able to sell it before the market close, but it was a fight and front month weekly options perms where be put in too.


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