I’m Trading A Chart!!


$AAPL was inplay with earnings release this evening and started out with some put this morning. Well, it did not go as play first loss of the day $AAPL MAY01 130P in @ 2.50 … Out for loss.  Tried for a reversal play of $AAPL MAY01 135C in @ 2.29 … Out with 2nd loss of the day.

Left for a bit and then returned with some adjustments $AAPL MAY01 130P in @ 2.48 … Out @ 2.88 and then $AAPL MAY01 130P in @2.88 … Out @ 2.94.

It was a day to remember and why you should just leave the companies that are releasing on the day alone.  The last trade was just about trying to get filled on the puts.  But as you can see if held, puts would have been toasted by end of day.


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